Monday, 23 April 2012

Homemade Lara Bars!

Well I know I know, I said I was back... I haven't been doing bad but I haven't been doing as well as i'd like to be doing! Last night was Vancouver game so of course BM pipes up and throws out "Let's have like snacks for the game!", so I made sticky wings ( 1 full cup of sugar in the sauce..) and homemade burgers. Yeah it was good, but could have done without..

BM needs to go back to work! I know I would be able to get to 150 if he was at work! Its so hard when he mentions something to eat, its like I don't even give it a moments thought should I or shouldn't I, I just agree and think that ok mine as well... One day I will get it.. but I have found that everything in moderation is good, I can have a few days of being bad and a few of being good and I seem to stay the same... but it all honesty I don't want to stay the same, I still want to lose 17 lbs....

Today has been OP all day! YAY
1/2 C Liquid Eggs 1pt
1 soy patty 2 pts
Lite English Muffin 2pts
Laughing cow wedge 1pt
Total 6pts+

Sandwich thin 3pts
Turkey lunch meat 1pt
Laughing cow wedge 1pt
Banana 0pts
Total 5pts+

Chicken Parmesan 6pts
Broccoli 0ts
1 Tbsp yogurt butter 1pt
Salad 0pts
2 Tbsp honey mustard dressing 2pts
1/2 C four cheese corkscrew pasta 3pts
Total 12pts+

Apple 0
Homemade Lara Bar 6pts
Total 6pts+

These are delish!! I found the recipe here...

Well as you can see today has been good! WI is on Wednesday so I need to keep it up! 

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  1. Hi Jessikins,

    The bars look good and good luck with Weighi In.