Thursday, 19 April 2012

Well Im kinda sorta back...

Hey, its been a while, its funny I used to be on here everyday more than once a day, checking to see if anyone was reading my blog or not... I was obsessed, then look at my very last post... I made a million Valentines day cookies and then I dissapeared off the face of the earth...

I think we all go through things like this, we are so into it then we decide we need a break, for the last 2 months I haven't been doing bad, but I havent been doing very well. I went on a few binge weeks... Brent is laid off of work right now so he has been home, and I know its a sad excuse but when he is home its so hard to get motivated to eat healthy! But I am back!!! I got right back up to 170!! and I promised myself I would let myself see the 7's ever again! Well I saw it and it scared me! There is no way I am letting myself gain back everything I have lost. There is no way I am going to waste all the hard work and time I have put into this! So I got back to it, back to tracking and planning and I am happy to say my WI yesterday was great! I am down to 167... I did get down to 162! But thats ok, befor I would have let myself get right back up to where I started, around 186-190 then start all over again. I feel amazing still and am still receiving many compliments. The days I was eating and eating I felt awful by the time it was bed time! I was so tired and sluggish and just felt realy guilty for what I was doing. I would eat healthy all day long and then after supper I would go to the store and buy chocolate bars, chips, and other snacks and eat until I felt sick!

But I am back at it and going to be blogging and posting pictures again! Last weekend I participated in a Zumbathon! It was a fundraiser put on by my dance instructor to raise money for our local hospital for a digital mammography! Lets just say that last year they did one and they raised around $7000, and this year we raised over $25,000!!!! It was so amazing to be part of something so special! There were so many women there to support the amazing cause! We danced and shook our booty's for 3 hours!!! It was so awesome!! We were to create teams and make team names, and dress up if you wanted to! Our team name was the Twisty Sisters and we looked amazing! We thought we were going to win best costume but unfortunatly we didnt, we lost to the Zumbies- they were dressed up as zombies haha. Here is what my team looked like!

I am on the right hand side! It was sooooo much fun!

So I am back, I will begin posting more recipes and daily food journals tomorrow!

I miss blogging!!!


  1. I'm currently 168 (down from my heaviest @ 205), so it's nice to see someone close to the same place I am. I haven't admitted my weight on my blog, so I give you major kudos for doing so. Maybe I will when I reach my goal weight. :)

    Congratulations on the weight loss and keep it up! I look forward to checking in on your progress!

    -Kirsten Leah

    1. Oh awesome! It's nice to see someone that is relatively close to where I am! I had WI yesterday and I am now down to 164! I was afraid to post my beginning weight, but it feels so good now to be able to say where we were and look at us now!! I will have to check our your blog! I look forward to sharing our progress! Congrats on the weight loss!